WILD Token Weekly Analysis And Price Prediction

This article will analyze the WILD token according to data. First, we will discuss the WILD token and its projects and make technical and graphic analyses. The analysis we will do in the weekly period will help the investors to take risks and manage their portfolios.

What is WILD Token?

Wilder World (WILD) is a cryptocurrency that serves as the native token for the Wilder World platform. The Wilder World is an immersive virtual reality (VR) platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, where users can create and experience unique digital environments.

The WILD token serves several purposes within the Wilder World ecosystem, including:

Payment: Users can use WILD tokens to purchase virtual land, in-game items, and other services within the Wilder World platform.

Rewards: Users who contribute to building or maintaining digital assets on the platform receive dividends paid out in WILD tokens.

Governance: Holders of WILD tokens have voting rights in decisions related to governance and protocol upgrades.


What are the projects of WILD?

Wilder World (WILD) primarily focuses on building and expanding its immersive virtual reality platform. The Wilder World platform aims to enable users to create, experience, and monetize unique digital assets in a fully decentralized environment.

Some of the key projects that Wilder World is currently working on include:

Development of the Wilder World Virtual Reality Platform: This involves improving user experience, adding more features such as multiplayer capabilities, and integrating new technologies such as blockchain-based identity verification.

Expansion of the WILD Token Ecosystem: Wilder World plans to expand the use cases for its native token beyond just payments within its platform. For example, it plans to partner with other VR platforms or gaming ecosystems where WILD can be used as an exchange medium.

Community Building: To support the growth and adoption of its ecosystem, Wilder World has been actively building a community around its project through social media campaigns, events, and collaborations with influencers.

Factors Influencing WILD Price

The price of Wilder World (WILD) coin can be influenced by various factors. Some of the key factors that can impact the price of WILD include:

Adoption and Growth: The success and adoption rate of the Wilder World platform will directly impact demand for WILD tokens. As more users join and transact within the ecosystem, there may be increased demand for WILD tokens which could drive up their prices.

Market Sentiment: Like all cryptocurrencies, WILD prices are also subject to market sentiment, such as investor confidence in blockchain technology or overall bullish/bearish trends in the broader crypto markets.

Competition: Since other virtual reality platforms are being developed on different blockchain networks, competition among these platforms could affect demand for Wilder World’s services and hence its native token -WILD.

Regulatory Changes: Any regulatory changes impacting cryptocurrencies or virtual reality space could affect usage and investment into the Wilder World platform, which might influence wild token prices.

Technological Advancements: New technological advancements like new VR hardware or blockchain enhancements that improve user experience on existing platforms would help increase adoption rates, leading to increased demand for digital assets created through the wild world.

It is important to keep track of these factors while investing in WILD coins to make informed decisions based on market conditions at any given time.


After seeing its historical high of $ 7.4706 in November 2021, WILD dropped 98% by June 2022, down to $ 0.1543. Although it went up to $ 0.6400 with the purchases in the market in  June 2023, it is currently trading at $ 0.3240. According to data, WILD, which has a size of $81,088,820, has had a volume of $498,487 in the last twenty-four hours.


WILD Token Chart Analysis

From November 2021 to June 2022, the WILD coin fell 98% from $7,4706 to $0.1543. Looking at the period between June 2022 and June 2023, the WILD coin has been trading in a horizontal trend between $0.1543-$0.5281 for the past year. WILD rose above $ 0.5281 twice in 2023 but could not close above this resistance level. Currently trading at $0.3240, WILD is just above the $0.3231 support. If this support is broken down, it could test $0.1543 again. On the other hand, there will be a resistance zone of $0.5281 for possible upward movements.

This article does not certain investment advice or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should conduct their research when deciding. This article does not include investment advice or suggestions. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should perform their analysis when determining.


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