Dash Blockchain Stalls During v19 Hard Fork Activation, Binance Pauses Mining Rewards Distribution

Developer Samuel Westrich has announced that the Dash blockchain experienced a stall during the activation of the v19 hard fork . The Dash developers promptly responded by announcing the v19 .1 .0 fix after a 13-hour delay aiming to resolve the issues .

During the network shutdown the Dash developers emphasized the uncertainty surrounding ChainLocked and InstantSend unlocked blocks and transactions on the Dash network . This raised concerns among users about the reliability of these features during the disruption .


Binance Temporarily Halts Dash Mining Rewards Distribution

In response to the blockchain stall Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange, temporarily suspended the distribution of Dash mining rewards until the blockchain is fully operational again . This measure seeks to ensure the integrity of the mining process and protect users .

The v19 update which was announced on April 10, was designed to enhance security through the implementation of BLS signatures as well as introduce high-performance masternode implementation and wallet improvements .

To address the issues encountered during the upgrade the developers released v19.1. However the release of v19.0.0 has been postponed to June 14 as the team continues to work on resolving any remaining issues . The developers advised users to refer to the release announcement for important information and noted that re-indexing may be required .

As of the time of writing (05.23.2023) a Dash blockchain researcher reported that the most recent block processing on the Dash blockchain occurred approximately 16 hours ago . This indicates the ongoing impact of the stall on the blockchain’s operation .

Dash’s Upgrade Challenges and Regulatory Concerns

Dash Core serves as the underlying network for the DASH token having separated from Litecoin in 2014 . Notably Dash’s upgrade journey has encountered challenges in the past including the v18 update implemented around September 13, 2022 . In January an attempted hack led to the offline status of some masternodes prompting an upgrade to address security concerns . The release and subsequent withdrawal of Dash Core v18 .2 .0 also caused a temporary halt in the blockchain’s functioning .

Adding to Dash’s complexities the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) claimed in its April complaint against Bittrex that DASH should be classified as a security further impacting the regulatory landscape surrounding the cryptocurrency .


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