Russian Government Official Receives $24 Million Bitcoin Bribes, Codes Hidden in “Retirement” Folder

A shocking bribery case which involves Marat Tambiyev who is the head of Moscow’s Tversky District Investigative Committee Investigative Department has arisen . It has been revealed that he received bribes in Bitcoin amounting to approximately $ 24 million from hackers under investigation . Russian news outlet Kommersant recounts the incredible details of this case and sheds light on the degree of corruption within the investigative department .


Access Codes Hidden in a Folder


Investigators came across a surprising discovery when they found that the access codes to Tambiyev’s electronic wallet contained illegitimate bitcoins that were kept inside a folder named Retirement on his computer . This critical evidence was revealed through a thorough examination of the investigator’s digital devices .


Confiscation and Sentencing


The individuals who are involved in giving the bribes have already received suspended sentences which goes to show that the legal system acknowledges their involvement in this corrupt act . For the meantime investigators are taking quick action to confiscate all Tambiyev’s proceeds from this corruption scheme and to ensure that unlawful gains do not go unpunished .


Legal Proceedings Demand Confiscation


First Deputy Prosecutor General Anatoly Razinkin has filed a case with the Nikulinsky District Court of Moscow that aims the confiscation of Marat Tambiyev’s corruption proceeds . This legal action indicates the determination of the Russian authorities to combat corruption and hold accountable those who are involved in such illicit activities . The court will check the case on Monday June 5 which marks an important step towards justice in this high profile bribery scandal .


Investigator’s Bitcoin Holdings


The Russian Investigative Committee along with the General Prosecutor’s Office meticulously examined Tambiyev’s cryptocurrency holdings . It was determined that he possessed 1,032 .1 BTC which was valued at around $ 23,980,843 at the time of investigation on January 30 2023 . These findings demonstrate the huge amounts that were involved in the bribery scheme and the scale of corruption within the investigator’s sphere of influence .


Confiscation of Illicit Bitcoin Holdings


Recognizing the unlawfulness of Tambiyev’s possession of Bitcoin that he obtained through bribery the Russian authorities took quick action and confiscated the BTC found in his residence . This decisive step serves as proof of the commitment to combat corruption and ensures that the illicitly acquired funds are recovered .


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