GNO Coin Weekly Analysis And Price Prediction

This article will analyze the GNO coin according to coinmarketcap data. First, we will discuss the Gnosis coin and its projects and make technical and graphic analyses. The analysis we will do in the weekly period will help the investors to take risks and manage their portfolios.

What is GNO Coin?

GNO coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Gnosis platform, which is a decentralized prediction market and governance protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. GNO coin is a utility token within the platform, allowing users to create and participate in prediction markets and vote on governance decisions.

What are the projects of GNO?

Some of the projects of GNO coin include:

Gnosis Safe:A multi-signature digital wallet that provides secure storage and management of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

Olympia: A decentralized prediction market platform that allows users to create and participate in markets on various topics.

DutchX:A decentralized trading protocol that allows for fair and transparent trading of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

Factors Influencing GNOSIS Price

The factors that can influence the price of GNO coin include:

Market sentiment:Like all cryptocurrencies, GNO coin is subject to market sentiment, which various factors, including news, events, and regulatory changes, can influence.

Adoption:The more people use Gnosis and its associated products and services, the higher the demand for GNO coin may be, potentially driving its price.

Competition:Gnosis operates in a competitive market, and the success of competing projects could impact the demand for GNO coins.

Development:The continued development of the Gnosis platform and its associated products and services can increase the value and utility of the GNO coin.

Liquidity:The availability and liquidity of GNO coin on cryptocurrency exchanges can also impact its price, as higher liquidity can attract more buyers and sellers to the market.


After seeing the historical high of $ 655, the GNO, which entered a downtrend, lost 88% of its value and fell to $ 76.4, trying to recover from the beginning of 2023. GNO, which went from $ 76 to $ 146, is currently trading at $ 113.1. According to data, GNO, which has a size of $293,757,010, has had a volume of $4,553,314 in the last twenty-four hours.

gno coin analysis 24-04-23

GNO Chart Analysis

Although the GNO, which lost 88% of its value and regressed from $655 to $76 in a year, tried to recover from the beginning of 2023, when we examine the GNO graph, we see that it could not break the falling trend (red line) weekly. As we cannot talk about an uptrend without breaking the downtrend, the falling trendline also appears as one of the most significant resistances. When we examine the GNO chart weekly, $127.5, the falling trend line, and $146, our horizontal resistance area, is our first resistance points, while $102.3 is our first support area.

This article does not contain investment advice or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should conduct their research when deciding. This article does not include investment advice or suggestions. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should perform their analysis when determining.

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