Prepaid Card Step from Binance: Partnership with Mastercard Announced

Get ready, Brazil! Binance and Mastercard are teaming up to bring you a revolutionary new prepaid card! With this card, you can now pay your bills and shop with ease using any of the 13 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether and BNB. And the best part? Every transaction comes with a little something extra – 0.9% fee and up to 8% cashback in digital currency rewards! Oh, and don’t forget, you can also withdraw from ATMs fee-free with this amazing product from Binance. Time to join the crypto revolution!

Crypto Can Be Used For Daily Purchases

With the Binance Prepaid card, users can convert and spend their cryptocurrency holdings just like a regular debit card. It supports multiple currencies for your convenience and comes with great benefits such as cashback rewards, low transaction fees, and security measures to protect your assets. This means that you have complete control over which assets you want to hold and spend

The partnership between Mastercard and Binance is an exciting development for the crypto community in Brazil and around the world. By joining forces, these two companies aim to make it easier for people to access and use cryptocurrencies. They aim to bridge the traditional financial system and the rapidly growing crypto industry.

Binance Card will be available in the following weeks after the tests

Binance Card will be available in the following weeks after the tests

The Binance Card is getting closer to being available globally and Brazil is next in line! Yes, you heard it right! This handy little tool, which is currently in its beta testing phase, will allow you to use your cryptocurrencies at Mastercard merchants for shopping or paying bills. With Brazil being one of Binance’s top ten markets, this is a major win for both new and existing crypto users. Get ready to say goodbye to complicated exchanges and hello to seamless, everyday crypto transactions!

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