MetaMask: Why Quotes Not Available and How to Fix It in 2023

Seeing a “No quotes available” error on MetaMask can cause frustration especially when you’re trying to trade a specific token pair . This error message prevents the execution of your trade, hindering your ability to cash out your tokens . In this guide we will explore the meaning behind the error message and provide you with solutions to fix it .


What Does “No Quotes Available” Mean on MetaMask?

When you see the No quotes available error on MetaMask it means that there is no match for your swap request on the exchanges that MetaMask Swaps uses . This lack of match is due to insufficient liquidity in the market which makes it impossible to execute the trade . During periods of low liquidity the market experiences increased volatility which leads to sharp price fluctuations . If your maximum slippage is set too low these sudden price changes will prevent the swap from being realized which will result in the No quotes available error .


Increase Max Slippage to Fix the Error

To resolve the No quotes available error on MetaMask you need to increase your maximum slippage step by step . You can start by setting your maximum slippage to 3% and gradually increase it to 4% and 5% . This adjustment makes sure that you receive the most value for the token pairs you are trading .


Maximum slippage is a term that refers to the maximum percentage of price movement that you are ready to accept . If the price movement passes your maximum slippage threshold the swap will fail . By increasing the maximum slippage you improve the chances of a successful swap . However setting the maximum slippage too high could result in receiving more or less of the token than expected . Therefore it is recommended to increase the maximum slippage in increments .


How to Increase Max Slippage on MetaMask

Open the MetaMask app and log in to your wallet .

Tap on Swap to access the swapping interface .

Select the token pair you want to trade .

Find the Max slippage option and tap on it .

Increase the max slippage to 4 % and attempt the swap .

If the error persists further increase the max slippage to 5% and retry the swap .


Using a Decentralized Exchange as an Alternative

If increasing the max slippage does not resolve the issue you can consider using a decentralized exchange (DEX) such as PancakeSwap or Uniswap . These platforms provide alternative liquidity sources and may allow you to complete the desired token swap . We will focus on using PancakeSwap . Here’s what to do:

Visit the PancakeSwap exchange website .

Click on Connect and select MetaMask as the connection option .

Choose the token pair you want to trade .

Enter the amount of tokens you wish to swap .

Click on Swap and then Confirm Swap to start the transaction .

Confirm the swap on MetaMask when prompted .

The transaction will be submitted and you can monitor its progress on BscScan .com .

It’s important to note that while swapping tokens on MetaMask is typically straightforward, during periods of low liquidity swaps may fail . Unfortunately it is not easy to predict when the liquidity will be available . If increasing the max slippage and using a DEX do not resolve the “No quotes available” error the best course of action may be to try again later when market conditions have improved .

Final Thoughts

In conclusion encountering the “No quotes available” error on MetaMask can be addressed by increasing the max slippage and utilizing decentralized exchanges as alternative liquidity sources . By following these steps mentioned above you can improve the likelihood of successful token swaps and continue your trading activities with ease .

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