Bitpanda and Coinbase Forge Historic Partnership to Enhance Crypto Investment Safety

A momentous partnership has been established between Bitpanda which is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform founded in 2014 and the industry giant Coinbase . The collaboration primarily entails a liquidity contribution from Coinbase to Bitpanda Technology Solutions which is the investment-focused branch of Bitpanda . Additionally Bitpanda will utilize the secure storage service provided by Coinbase Prime .

Validating Bitpanda as a Legitimate Investment Platform for Coinbase Institutional Customers

Coinbase Prime is a comprehensive solution designed to offer secure deposits and an advanced platform for institutional teams seeking safe large-scale investments . Notably big financial institutions such as Raiffeisenlandesbank in Austria, neobank N26 in Germany, fintech company Lydia in France and British firm Plum have already embraced this solution . The partnership between these two companies will enable Coinbase Institutional customers outside the United States to recognize Bitpanda as a legitimate investment platform .


Shared Commitment to Regulation and KYC Standards

Both Coinbase and Bitpanda emphasize their commitment to high regulatory standards and solid Know Your Customer (KYC) controls . This collaboration aims to address the concerns surrounding certain exchange platforms that may not adequately verify the legitimacy of customers’ identity . Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad, Deputy CEO and Head of Operations at Bitpanda emphasizes the shared vision of the two companies and states their common ambition to make investing in digital assets safer and better regulated . By joining forces they aim to unlock the potential of digital assets while ensuring a clear and secure future for customers .

Coinbase’s Global Expansion Efforts amid Regulatory Scrutiny

This partnership represents Coinbase’s strategic move to solidify its presence beyond the United States amidst increasing regulatory scrutiny in the region . As the industry faces unprecedented opportunities Coinbase seeks to establish itself as a trusted and regulated player, ensuring the safety and well-being of investors .

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