Bitcoin Ordinals Surpasses 10 Million Copies as Creator Steps Dow

Bitcoin Ordinals, which is the groundbreaking protocol for printing new assets on the Bitcoin blockchain has reached a significant milestone of over 10 million copies .This success comes just a few days after the resignation of Casey Rodarmor, who is Bitcoin Ordinals’ creator that handed over the project’s responsibilities to developer @Raphjaph .

The Rise of Bitcoin Ordinals

Since the day it was launched in January 2023 the Ordinals protocol has gained widespread popularity and emerged as the preferred method for creating new assets on the Bitcoin blockchain . However this success did not come without its challenges .Bitcoin supporters criticized the inefficient process of asset writing on the network especially in terms of block space and transaction fees .

Embracing Innovation: Exploring Smart Contracts for Asset Creation

To respond to these concerns and push the boundaries of asset creation on the Bitcoin network developers have started exploring the use of smart contracts to create assets and non-fungible tokens .This innovative approach wishes to deliver more efficiency and improve the user experience when creating assets on Bitcoin .


The Influence of the BRC-20 Token Standard

A significant factor contributing to the surge in Ordinals texts was the introduction of the BRC-20 token standard in early March . Developed by the famous Domo ,this new standard allows users to generate completely new tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain and marks a historic milestone in the tokenization of assets on the network.

Engaging New Users and Overcoming Skepticism

Despite having faced initial skepticism Bitcoin Ordinals has gained immense popularity worldwide in a remarkably short period .Notably the protocol has successfully attracted new users to the Bitcoin community, even capturing the attention of notorious Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff . Schiff has recently launched an NFT using the Ordinals protocol and demonstrated the platform’s capability to attract individuals who were previously skeptical of Bitcoin .

What the Future Holds

As Bitcoin Ordinals surpasses the 10 million mark the resignation of its creator adds an intriguing chapter to the protocol’s ongoing evolution .The projects success shows the demand for innovative approaches to asset creation within the Bitcoin ecosystem .The exploration of smart contracts and the adoption of the BRC-20 token standard signal exciting developments in the realm of asset printing on the Bitcoin blockchain .

Bitcoin Ordinals keeps empowering people by encouraging creativity and fostering the development of the Bitcoin community . The potential of Bitcoin Ordinals in the future opens new opportunities for the Bitcoin network’s asset tokenization technology .


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