ZCore Allows Crypto Trading Via WhatsApp

ZCore recently unveiled their innovative tool, Web3Pix, which swiftly transfers Pix to Web3 tokens without requiring users to relinquish control of the assets. You can access this technology via a browser or WhatsApp – how convenient! Erick Costa, the founder of ZCore, explains that “there is an immense security benefit in using our services rather than relying on traditional exchanges since no user information stays with us. We bridge the gap between decentralized technologies and banks.”

This New Feature of ZCore Makes Cryptocurrency Trading Quite Easy

To trade on WhatsApp, an intelligent bot guides you through a seamless purchase experience. Simply input your Pix CPF, currency details, and the address of your wallet where purchased tokens will be sent after confirmation. The whole process is done via messenger – no need to open up browsers or use mobile data! This groundbreaking feature makes it easier than ever for anyone to access this valuable functionality.

As a result of the downward motion in card usage among Brazilians, an upheaval has come. According to Febraban’s survey based on November 2022 Central Bank figures, Pix payment became the most popular means for transacting and moving funds with more than 26 billion euros and BRL 12.9 trillion within two years only – surpassing even debit & credit operations!

This New Feature of ZCore Makes Cryptocurrency Trading Quite Easy

Z Core Isn’t the Only Company Making a Breakthrough

To further its mission of empowering creators worldwide, Minima has recently unveiled an exclusive partnership with WeTransfer. This pairing will make possible the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Minima network to effectively manage digital rights for intellectual property.

By leveraging the power of Minima’s globally distributed communications network, users can create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) quickly and securely from any device. This groundbreaking initiative is slated for a March launch in 180 countries, giving people full control over their digital assets and allowing them to capitalize on potential revenue streams. Moreover, Minima‘s cutting-edge blockchain technology stands as an essential pillar of Web3 development; its emphasis on data privacy and self-sovereignty makes it ideal for powering a secure future.

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