Twitter Will Share Its Profits with Content Creators

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, recently declared that the company would start compensating its paid users for their contribution to advertising. Subscribers of the exclusive “Twitter Blue” plan will be eligible to receive a portion of the revenue from ads displayed in their posts and responses. 

This New Feature Will Be for Twitter Blue Users

As of now, no official statement has been released regarding how to utilize the new features. Twitter‘s main account, support page, and creators’ accounts have not declared any announcement of a revenue-sharing program through advertising either.

Twitter Blue’s subscription fee is $11 monthly for Android and iOS users, while the web user plan requires a mere $8 per month or an annual payment of $84. Thus many have become curious about how much money can be made in ad revenue to cover these costs. As reported by The Information in January 2021, one GroupM client significantly slashed their Twitter advertising budget after Elon Musk purchased the company towards the end of October 2022—a 40-50% reduction.

This New Feature Will Be for Twitter Blue Users

Elon Musk Introduced Many Monetisation Features

Elon Musk recently expressed plans to enhance Twitter‘s monetization for its partners, with more extensive texts and videos enabling higher ad incomes than YouTube. On December 11th, he then released the new feature: Twitter Blue. This upgrade allows users to post longer clips of higher quality and other benefits like authentication check marks on accounts, editing tweets after posting them, and personalizing capabilities.

Twitter recently debuted the “View Counts” function, giving users a glimpse into how many times each tweet has been seen. Additionally, monetization methods on Twitter consist of two options: Tips which adds an external payment link to profiles, and Super Follow (currently only available in certain areas), offering exclusive content for devoted admirers.

Twitter is reportedly on the verge of launching a payment feature that could open up new opportunities. As per The Financial Times report dated January 31st, it has been learned that this function will initially facilitate fiat currency payments and eventually add cryptocurrency support.

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