Orai Price Prediction

Oraichain (ORAI) is the world’s first AI-powered data platform that enables the integration and connection of smart contracts and artificial intelligence (AI) APIs. When we look at the Oraichain infrastructure, it is possible to see that it consists of six main functions and areas. Basically, Oraichain evaluates data requests from users over the public blockchain network. This ensures secure data retrieval from AI APIs.

What Is The Orai Protocol?

The Oraichain protocol is a protocol developed using Cosmos SDK and Tendermint’s Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT). It works with a consensus mechanism similar to Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS).

We can summarize its working principle as follows: In this protocol, validators collect data from AI vendors and validate the data before storing it. This process works with a system based on test cases provided by users, test providers or smart contracts.

Thanks to Binance Chain’s integration with Orai, ERC-20 ORAI tokens can be moved from Ethereum to Binance Chain. This integration allows users to easily switch from ERC-20 to BEP-20 tokens and vice versa.

Oraichain offers flexible smart contracts and authentication features such as face authentication. This helps to improve the user experience and in certain scenarios, facial authentication can be used instead of private keys.

Recently, the Oraichain team has experienced some very serious changes. Currently with Chung Dao as CEO, many members of the management team have left or relocated. Oraichain’s staff has grown to 25 people, including the core team, AI and blockchain experts, data scientists and developers.

Oraichain is a project that will grow in importance as the DeFi economy expands. YAI DeFi has the ability to compete in the industry, starting with its product. As the only project that adds artificial intelligence to smart contracts, Oraichain could become a major leader in blockchain and artificial intelligence.

What Factors Affect Orai Price?

Many factors can directly or indirectly affect the price of a coin. Undoubtedly, when we rank them in order of importance, we see that they are not valid or insignificant for some coins. Here are the factors that affect the Orai price for you:

Orai Chain Market Conditions

The general state of the cryptocurrency market and the performance of other cryptocurrencies can affect the price of ORAI. General decreases or increases in the cryptocurrency market may cause similar movements in ORAI’s price. Especially factors such as the inclusion of similar coins in the game can be counted among the factors that directly affect the price.

Another topic is technological innovations. The technology behind Oraichain and the continuous development of the platform can affect the value of ORAI. Successful developments and updates, especially in artificial intelligence and smart contracts, can increase investor interest in the project and drive prices higher.

Orai Price Prediction

Investors’ Influence on Orai Prices

Real-world use cases and collaborations of Oraichain can increase the value of the platform. In particular, collaboration and integration with large companies and projects can help increase the value of ORAI.

Price Change for Similar Coins and Competition

Oraichain’s competition from other projects offering similar services may affect ORAI’s price. Successful competitors may reduce Oraichain’s market share and value, putting downward pressure on prices.

Regulatory Impact on the Price of the Coin

Regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could affect ORAI’s price. Strict regulations and restrictions may affect cryptocurrency investors and lower prices. On the other hand, favorable regulations and supportive policies can boost investor confidence and raise prices.

Orai Price Prediction 2024

Considering the price increases this year, it is estimated that the minimum price will be 4.36 USD, the average price will be 4.70 USD and the maximum price will be 5.35 USD. Nevertheless, it is foreseeable that this price mobility will be even more volatile compared to the end of 2023.

Orai Price Prediction 2025

In 2025, the minimum price is estimated to be USD 4.24, the average price is USD 4.87 and the maximum price is USD 6.03. This price range may also increase. The figures here are the minimum values.

Orai Price Prediction 2026

In 2026, the minimum price is estimated at USD 4.11, the average price at USD 5.10 and the maximum price at USD 7.05. Depending on the 2024 targets, it may be possible to revise the 2026 targets.

Orai Price Forecast 2027

In 2027, it is predicted that the minimum price will be 4.03 USD, the average price will be 5.36 USD and the maximum price will be 8.13 USD.

Orai Price Prediction 2028

In 2028, the minimum price is estimated to be USD 4.01, the average price is USD 5.63 and the maximum price is USD 9.38. Price forecasts are expected to increase further towards 2030.

Orai Price Prediction 2029

In 2029, the minimum price is expected to be 4.00 USD, the average price is 5.90 USD and the maximum price is 10.82 USD. Before 2030, it should be noted that these figures are predicted as the last movement.

Orai Price Prediction 2030

2030 is predicted as the year with the highest price. The minimum price is expected to be 4.00 USD, the average price is 6.17 USD and the maximum price is 12 USD. It is possible to see that this year has reached the highest figures. If the 2030 targets are realized, a new list can be written towards the 2035 targets.

YearMin. PriceAverage PriceMax. Price
20244.36 USD4.70 USD5.35 USD
20254.24 USD4.87 USD6.03 USD
20264.11 USD5.10 USD7.05 USD
20274.03 USD5.36 USD8.13 USD
20284.01 USD5.63 USD9.38 USD
20294.00 USD5.90 USD10.82 USD
20304.00 USD6.17 USD12.00 USD

Expert Opinions on Orai Prices

Predictions vary according to experts. In general, while many experts express a positive opinion about this coin, it will mostly keep its rise against the dollar constant. There are also experts who make statements. The predictions made according to this situation are stated taking into account that their prices can vary from 3% to 70%. A situation where prices rise above 70% is not very common.

In addition, due to the volatility of the crypto market, our predictions may be inaccurate. Therefore, these estimates alone may not be sufficient when making an investment decision and additional information and research is recommended.

Orai Coin has been growing in popularity in the cryptocurrency market recently. According to CoinMarketCap data, Orai Coin managed to rise as high as $4.20 in mid-2021. So, what do the experts think about Orai Coin?

To start with the disadvantages of Orai Coin, as always in the cryptocurrency market, it’s important to do some serious research before investing. The cryptocurrency market is a very volatile market and Orai Coin stands out as a cryptocurrency that is subject to this volatility. For this reason, it is important to be cautious when investing, do good research and develop risk management strategies.

On the other hand, the advantages of Orai Coin include the recent developments in the cryptocurrency market. In fact, many experts predict that cryptocurrencies will become even more popular in the coming periods and the value of Orai Coin will increase even more. Moreover, Orai Coin’s technological infrastructure is quite robust, which increases its potential. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to consider its goals and potentials before investing.

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