OOKİ PROTOCOL (OOKI) Coin Overview and Weekly Technical Review:

This article centers around a thorough assessment of OOKI coin's technical and fundamental attributes using data obtained from . Our report aims to address vital inquiries regarding the projects associated with the cryptocurrency.

This article centers around a thorough assessment of OOKI coin’s technical and fundamental attributes using data obtained from . Our report aims to address vital inquiries regarding the projects associated with the cryptocurrency ; determining significant factors affecting its market value ; reviewing which are reliable exchanges for trading it  ; identifying traded currency pairs ; exploring assorted key metrics that demonstrate critical aspects of performance such as highest low price values attained among other essential economic indicators. We will also provide regular weekly graphical or technical analyses aimed at assisting potential investors evaluate feasible investment risks areas while identifying prospective profits.



The Ooki Protocol (OOKI) coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum blockchain . It aims to provide a platform for seamless and secure cross-chain transactions, allowing users to transfer assets between different blockchains efficiently . OOKI utilizes innovative technology such as atomic swaps and bridge protocols to enable interoperability and enhance user experience in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. The project focuses on improving scalability, reducing transaction costs, and promoting accessibility for all participants in the crypto space .

OOKİ PROTOCOL (OOKI) Coin Overview and Weekly Technical Review2

If you want to know more about the OOKİ PROTOCOL (OOKI) coin , you can visit its website .


The Ooki Protocol (OOKI) coin has several projects in its roadmap . Here are some of the key initiatives :

  1. Cross-Chain Bridge : OOKI aims to develop a robust cross-chain bridge protocol that enables seamless asset transfers between different blockchains , reducing the need for intermediaries and enhancing interoperability .


  1. Decentralized Exchange (DEX) : The project plans to launch its own decentralized exchange platform where users can trade various cryptocurrencies securely and efficiently . The DEX will leverage the cross-chain capabilities of OOKI to provide access to assets from multiple blockchain networks .


  1. Yield Farming and Staking : OOKI intends to introduce yield farming and staking mechanisms , allowing token holders to earn rewards by providing liquidity or locking their tokens in designated smart contracts .


  1. DeFi Innovation : The team behind OOKI is committed to exploring new avenues within decentralized finance (DeFi). They aim to introduce innovative financial products such as lending , borrowing , derivatives trading, and more on their platform .


  1. Community Development : Building a strong community is an essential aspect of the project’ s vision . OOKI plans to organize events, partnerships, educational programs , and other activities aimed at fostering growth and engagement within its user base .


Please note that this information represents current plans but may be subject to change as the project evolves over time .


Factors affecting price: 


The price of the Ooki Protocol (OOKI) coin, like any other cryptocurrency, can be influenced by various factors. Here are some key factors that may impact the price of OOKI :


  1. Market Sentiment : The overall sentiment and perception of the cryptocurrency market can greatly affect the price of OOKI. Positive news, market trends, and investor confidence can drive up demand and subsequently increase the coin’s value .


  1. Technology and Development : Progress in technology development, such as advancements in cross-chain protocols or new features implemented by the project team , can positively influence the price . Updates that enhance scalability , security , or user experience may attract more investors to OOKI .


  1. Adoption and Partnerships : Wider adoption of OOKI across different platforms or partnerships with prominent projects or organizations could have a positive impact on its price . Increased usage and integration into existing ecosystems can generate demand for OOKI tokens .


  1. Regulatory Environment : Changes in regulations related to cryptocurrencies at local or global levels may affect investor sentiment towards OOKI and other digital assets . Favorable regulations often lead to increased acceptance and use of cryptocurrencies .


  1. Overall Crypto Market Conditions : The general state of the crypto market has an influence on individual cryptocurrencies like OOKI as well. Factors such as Bitcoin’s performance, market volatility, macroeconomic conditions , geopolitical events , etc., can all impact investor behavior and consequently affect prices .


It is important to note that these factors are not exhaustive nor deterministic; they only provide a broad understanding of some elements that could potentially influence the price dynamics of Ooki Protocol (OOKI). Cryptocurrency markets are inherently volatile and subject to various unpredictable variables .


Where can I buy OOKİ PROTOCOL Coin (OOKI)?

Exchange                                         Pair                 Volume







OOKİ PROTOCOL Coin (OOKI) Baseline Assessment :

 The market cap of the OOKİ PROTOCOL (OOKI) coin is $ 12.422.065 and its circulating supply is 4.451.809.612 units. Its maximum Supply is 10.300.000.000 units, with a fully diluted valuation of $ 28.740.507.


What is the high price point for OOKİ PROTOCOLCoin (OOKI)?

OOKİ PROTOCOL Coin (OOKI) highest price is $0.06397 recorded on Dec 24, 2021. The current price is -95.61% lower than the all-time high .

What is the low point of the price for OOKİ PROTOCOL Coin (OOKI)?

OOKİ PROTOCOL (OOKI) token’s lowest price was $0.002149 on Jun 10, 2023.

OOKİ PROTOCOL Coin(OOKI) Technical Outlook:

Ooki Protocol (OOKI) coin, which was $0.047 on 20 Dec 2021, dropped to $0.0021 on 05 Sun 2023. Recently, this level has started to consolidate. The increase in volume in the last week draws attention. Closes above our falling trend line should be followed for the long. Candle closings above the $0.00373 price level were not followed in order to change the market structure and start the uptrend. As long as this level is not passed, bullish movements will remain in reaction. Horizontal trend levels should be followed as resistance in uptrends.

Our support point is $0.00213. Our sequential resistances are $0.0037 – $0.0092 – $0.0257 – $0.047840.

Investment information comments, and recommendations contained herein are not within the scope of investment consultancy . The content, comments, and recommendations herein are not guiding but general . These recommendations may not suit your financial situation and risk and return preferences .  Therefore making an investment decision based solely on the information herein may not yield results that meet your expectations .


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