Nostr: A Brand New Censorship-Free Alternative to Twitter

The Nostr protocol, developed by a Brazilian only known by the alias “fiatjaf“, is drawing interest from bitcoiners searching for a decentralized alternative to Twitter, the social network now run by billionaire Elon Musk and where the majority of the cryptocurrency community is concentrated.

Nostr is a proprietary, censorship-resistant communication protocol that enables users to communicate with one another via clients or network-based programs that may be created by any developer.

It is a Cross-Platform Experience

Currently, Damus, which debuted in the Apple Store on January 31, is the most well-liked application. Additionally, users may access Nostr through web clients like Iris,, and others as well as Amethyst, which is accessible on the Play Store. These applications are all available on Nostr. As a result, someone using Damus on a mobile device can have their communication read and responded to by someone using Snort on a PC.

There are Supporters from All Across the World

Nostr has acquired ardent advocates since late last year, including well-known US National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, human rights advocate Alex Gladstein, and Bitcoin maximalist and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

The latter not only urged many of its followers to utilize Nostr after referring to it as a “landmark for open protocols,” but also invested its own funds in the project. Dorsey contributed 14 BTC, or around BRL 1.6 million at the current asset price, by the end of 2022 to support Nostr’s growth.

The Brazilian Programmer is Proud of Nostr

The Brazilian Programmer is Proud of Nostr

According to fiatjaf in an interview with Portal do Bitcoin, while the money contributed by Dorsey was beneficial to pay awards to those who are developing Nostr apps, what actually became “crucial” was the entrepreneur’s cooperation in spreading the word about the Nostr.

The Brazilian programmer who wants to stay unidentified, like Satoshi Nakamoto, claims that the industry has switched from water to wine. He claims to have always been a fan of Bitcoin and began contributing to open source in 2018, developing tools like the Lightning Network to try to improve the currency’s usability.

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