LIDO Finance Takes Concrete Steps To Secure ETH Distribution

You hear the name LIDO Finance a lot lately. Following the news about the largest Ethereum stock once, security issues have also been discussed frequently. When the recent security rumors surfaced, Lido Finance said it continues to solve security issues through various companies. After distributing more than 155,000 Ethereum (ETH) in a pot, Lido Finance stressed that it has accelerated the implementation of security measures.

Lido Finance Reassured

It should be noted that there is currently a very serious security issue and lack of trust in the cryptocurrency world. In response to the questions that were asked to get more detailed information on this issue, the company organized a question and answer session. It also answered all the questions asked to its investors about security, one by one.  

Lido Finance said it has implemented security measures after distributing more than 155,000 Ethereum (ETH).

LIDO Finance Takes Concrete Steps To Secure ETH Distribution

Procedures for liquid betting Lido Finance reported that the “Staking Rate Limit” security feature must be activated when more than 150,000 ETH is wagered in a day. As a provider of liquid betting solutions on digital assets, Lido Finance can offer various benefits to investors using Ether.

The Number Of ETH Payments Will Increase! 

Lido Finance reports a very high number of ETH payments. “Based on recent deposits, we will review this scenario on a block-by-block basis and reduce the total amount of Ether that can be created in a given period of time,” Lido Finance said, in line with its previous statements.

In addition to this measure in the system, which underscores that some technological steps have been taken, the “staking rate cap mechanism” will affect all elements that seek to produce StETH independently, according to Lido Finance’s comments. 

According to popular onchain portal Lookonchain, a single person can transfer 150,100 ETH in three increments of 50,000 each.

These scenarios on the Lido Finance platform have generated a lot of interest among crypto investors. However, it is likely that no more coins will enter the ETH system in the medium and long term. Although a steady rise in ETH, as with all coins, cannot be ruled out, it is likely that there will be no further rise in the current ETH system until the launch of ETH 2.0. For now, we will see how to follow a path in this regard. 

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