JEWEL Price Prediction

DeFi Kingdoms' JEWEL token is a blockchain-based game ecosystem and utility token that combines DeFi and gaming, with unique features such as staking LP tokens, a decentralized exchange, and buying and selling heroes, and is predicted to have a bullish price prediction with an estimated average price of $0.31 by the end of 2023, $0.63 by the end of 2025, and potentially up to $4.95 by 2030.

DeFi Kingdoms Jewel Token is a blockchain-based game that combines DeFi elements, including a DEX, an NFT marketplace, and liquidity pool opportunities, all under a retro game design. The game aims to create synergies between gaming and decentralized finance. The game’s unique features include staking LP tokens in The Gardens, buying and selling heroes in The Tavern, buying Land Plots, and a decentralized exchange that allows players to swap tokens and become liquidity providers.

DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL) is now an ecosystem and utility token used across realms, with a maximum supply of 125 million tokens. Kingdom Studios developed and maintained DeFi Kingdoms, and the team has implemented trust-building measures to ensure security.

JEWEL Current Price

Current price of DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL) is currently traded from $0.1957, %7.46 down d/d. Current market cap of DeFi Kingdoms is $14.113.150, ranked 720th according to Coinmarketcap. 24H trading volume is $114.040 today.

JEWEL Price Prediction for 2023

There are indications of an upcoming era in the cryptocurrency market, and there is optimism that JEWEL’s long-term price prediction will increase, with an estimated average price of $0.31, a minimum value of $0.30, and a maximum value of around $0.34 by the end of 2023.

JEWEL Price Prediction

JEWEL Price Prediction for 2025

The value of DeFi Kingdoms is expected to increase due to the efforts of network developers and investors, resulting in a bullish price prediction for JEWEL in 2025, with a maximum expected price of $0.75 and an average predicted price range of $0.62 to $0.63, depending on the market.

JEWEL Price Prediction for 2030

JEWEL is predicted to have a lot of potential for growth, especially with potential collaborations and innovations that could increase user adoption and interest in the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem, leading to a significant increase in price, possibly up to a maximum of $4.95 by 2030, and although a market downturn could have a temporary effect, it’s expected that JEWEL will have an average price of $4.27 at the end of 2030, with a minimum price of $4.16 and a maximum price of $4.95.

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