Is The Bull Market Coming? What Will Change In The World Of Cryptocurrencies?

The year 2023 continues to be marked by unexpected charts. Experts at the end of 2022 were not very hopeful about the movements of cryptocurrencies in the new year. However, considering the current situation, it should not be ignored that there are serious movements in cryptocurrencies. 

Can We Expect A Bull Market?

Matt Hougan, Chief Investment Officer of Bitwise, a cryptocurrency asset management company, predicts that the market will experience a significant bull market in the coming years. According to Matt Hougan, cryptocurrency exchanges will continue to grow rapidly. The main reason for this seems to be the changes, Web3 projects and artificial intelligence that will be on the agenda in the medium and long term. 

In an interview with a YouTube channel, Hougan said he expects the next bull cycle to be the biggest in terms of user adoption, market cap growth and other key indicators.

Is The Bull Market Coming? What Will Change In The World Of Cryptocurrencies?

Tier 2 Era Emerging As The Biggest Force

Hougan explained that technological breakthroughs in scalability will be the driving force of the cycle. The senior investor says this transition, which he calls the tier-2 era, will facilitate the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. The markets will definitely recover from the low price. Even if there are declines in the near future, the cryptocurrency exchange will recover as it always has.

This Bull Market Will Be Huge

Meanwhile, Bitwise published a long 11-point study in January: we predict that the coming bull market will be the biggest ever. It will begin to meet the norms. The cryptocurrency market has recovered after every significant decline and will recover again.

In this context, we find it useful to highlight the following title. Over the years, many major companies have announced that they expect a bull market – bear market in many periods in line with their own views. However, this does not always mean that such a process will occur.  

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