Is Artificial Intelligence A Trend? Or Is It An Adventure That Will Soon End?

Scott Melker and CryptoTony discuss the impact of the emerging trend of artificial intelligence on the cryptocurrency market. It may be necessary to evaluate the questions that are curious and frequently asked about artificial intelligence. In this context, it should be noted that various options are coming to the fore. So what is the opinion of experts on this issue?

One of the current trends in the world and in the cryptocurrency industry is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and technologies that maximize its potential.

Since it is a new trend, there are critics and opponents of investing in cryptocurrencies or tokens related to artificial intelligence. One of them is analyst Scott Melker, known as the “wolf of all paths.”

What Does Melker Think About This?

As published on his personal website, Melker explained why he doesn’t buy artificial intelligence-related coins. He explained that the artificial intelligence sector could become as big today as the Internet or cell phones.

However, this criticism was not directed specifically at the bitcoin sector. Melker did not mention these tokens in his tweet on Monday. Still, he at least let it be known that he is specifically looking into this issue.

Is Artificial Intelligence A Trend? Or Is It An Adventure That Will Soon End?

Crypto Tony Believes In Artificial Intelligence

Trader Crypto Tony (CryptoTony) specifically mentioned the rise of tokens related to artificial intelligence. “Artificial intelligence is here to stay,” he said on a social network on Tuesday.

The message was accompanied by an image showing the rise of Optimus, a token meant to “support and honor” Elon Musk’s humanoid AI robot project Optimus.

The Rise Of Artificial Tokens Continues

According to this article, AI-related tokens are causing a stir in the cryptocurrency market. Some of them have risen by as much as 4,000%.

According to a Forbes study, some organizations with JP Morgan’s reputation have also started showing more investor interest in blockchain-related AI technologies.

The emergence of AI-related crypto assets parallels the global spread of the impact of these technologies. People are increasingly using technologies like ChatGPT or imaging systems like Midjourney in different ways.

However, many of the tokens associated with this movement are merely symbols of this interest. Some are being used directly as payment on platforms that offer AI-powered services, but their market value and impact will only become apparent as time goes on and the platforms expand.

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