HEX Coin Weekly Analysis And Price Prediction

This article will analyze the HEX coin according to www.coinmarketcap.com data. First, we will discuss the HEX coin and its projects and make technical and graphic analyses. The analysis we will do in the weekly period will help the investors to take risks and manage their portfolios.

What is HEX Coin?

HEX Coin is a cryptocurrency that was launched in 2019. It is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The HEX project aims to provide a blockchain-based platform for time deposits, similar to traditional certificates of deposit (CDs) banks offer.

What are the projects of HEX?


The main project of HEX Coin is the HEX smart contract, which enables users to stake their tokens for a fixed period and earn interest on their investment. The longer the stake duration, the higher the potential interest rate. HEX also incorporates a unique feature called “Interest Amplification,” which aims to reward early adopters and those who stake their tokens for longer durations.

Factors Influencing HEX Price


Several factors can influence the price of the HEX Coin. These include:

Market Demand: The overall demand for HEX Coin in cryptocurrency can impact its price. If more investors are interested in buying HEX, it can increase the price, and vice versa.

Staking Activity: The level of staking activity within the HEX ecosystem can influence the price. Higher staked tokens indicate confidence in the project and potentially lead to increased demand.

Market Sentiment: General market sentiment towards cryptocurrencies and the broader financial market can affect the price of HEX Coin. The optimistic view may result in increased buying activity and price appreciation.

Development Progress: Updates and developments in the HEX project, such as new features or partnerships, can influence investor sentiment and potentially impact the price.

Regulatory Environment: Changes in regulations or government policies related to cryptocurrencies can affect the price of HEX Coin and other digital assets.

It’s important to note that cryptocurrency prices can be highly volatile and influenced by various factors, so investing in cryptocurrencies carries risks. Conducting thorough research and consulting with financial advisors is recommended before making investment decisions.



After seeing its historical high of $ 0.3600 in November 2021, HEX dropped 96% by the end of 2022, down to $ 0.0151. Although it went up to $ 0.1300 with the purchases in the market in March 2023, it is currently trading at $ 0.0296. According to www.coinmarketcap.com data, HEX, which has a size of $5,229,313,089, has had a volume of $12,322,853 in the last twenty-four hours.


HEX Chart Analysis

HEX, which fell 96% from November 2021 to the end of 2022, fell from $ 0.3600 to $ 0.0151. HEX, which had a grand exit from the beginning of 2023 until the end of March, increased by 750% from $ 0.0151 to $ 0.1300, but then we see that HEX, which entered a downward trend again, has tested the support point of $ 0.0279 for the last two weeks. If it breaks down this support point, the selling pressure in HEX will increase. A rise from the $0.0296 support can continue up to $0.0549.


This article does not certain investment advice or recommendations. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should conduct their research when deciding. This article does not include investment advice or suggestions. Every investment and trading move involves risk, and readers should perform their analysis when determining.


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