Craig Wright ‘s Upcoming Lawsuit Against 16 Bitcoin Developers is Drawing Near

Craig Wright, a computer scientist with notoriety in the crypto community for his claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto, has fearlessly taken legal action against anyone who dares to challenge him. Last year alone, he sued 16 Bitcoin developers, and now it seems we are just days away from seeing this trial come to fruition.

Craig Wright Claimed To Be The Founder Of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto

Tulip Trading Limited, owned by Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, has leveled a claim against 16 developers allegedly overseeing the Bitcoin network for purported fiduciary and caretaking duties. According to their legal complaint, these individuals have an obligation to effectively monitor the functions of the Bitcoin network.

In March 2022, Wright’s complaint was initially denied. Yet, he successfully launched an appeal, and the London Court of Appeal recently declared that the lawsuit will be judged accordingly. In his filing, he demanded that developers modify their protocol code to enable him access to 111,000 bitcoins located in two wallets where private keys were stolen during a hack. Interestingly enough – one wallet holds almost 80k BTC believed to link back to the Mt Gox breach – which Wright claims is all his own!

Craig Wright Claimed To Be The Founder Of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto

The Case Will Be Heard in the UK in 2024

The UK court has declared that the lawsuit will commence in early 2024, citing reasons which make it likely to be successful. The complaint is reportedly a “serious matter” requiring further judicial scrutiny as legal norms concerning this area are both uncertain and complex. In light of these factors, the judges have agreed that a trial should take place soon to ensure justice is served.

In October of last year, a Norwegian court made the landmark decision to reject Craig Wright‘s claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto – the alleged creator of Bitcoin. Despite his attempts to prove it, the computer scientist was unable to defeat Hodlonaut in this legal battle. Other contenders have been suggested as potential creators; for example, Martin Shkreli proposed Paul Le Roux as an alternative candidate late last December. Unfortunately, despite such evidence and testimonies being put forward on either side, there still remains no definitive answer when it comes down to who actually established Bitcoin blockchain technology all those years ago.

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