Big Step for Blockchain in Europe: Blockchain4Belgium Is Launched

The Secretary of State for Digitalization, Mathieu Michel, is eager to discuss Web3 technologies and digital assets in Belgium! To do this, he has created Blockchain4Belgium as a catalyst for progress. By embracing these cutting-edge advances, Belgium is taking its rightful place at the forefront of global technological development.

Blockchain4Belgium Will Offer Consultancy to the Belgian Government

To aid the Belgian government, the Secretary of State for Digitalization has initiated Blockchain4Belgium. This platform will be managed by FPS BOSA and comprise representatives from industry, academia, civil society, and government departments such as finance, economy, and justice. Consequently, it is anticipated that this initiative will result in a series of recommendations put forth to the government.

In this particular group, we’ll be getting to the bottom of inquiries like: What are some of blockchain’s technical benefits and drawbacks? How can this technology be practically used? How should we make use of the opportunities presented by Web3 and blockchain? And finally, what is Belgium’s position in Europe & on a global scale about these topics?

Mathieu Michel, Secretary of State for Digitalization, proclaimed that Belgium must make a crucial decision today to reinforce its digital sovereignty and support innovation to progress towards a #SmartNation mindset. This will benefit beyond measure – attract foreign capital investments, produce more employment opportunities, stimulate economic growth, and draw and retain international talent specializing in new technologies.

Blockchain4Belgium Will Offer Consultancy to the Belgium Government

More than 500 Professionals Will Help

With support from over 500 professionals, two main objectives have been established. The first area of focus is advancing innovation within the private sector by creating a plan that establishes working groups with various suggestions regarding increasing our country’s appeal to talent, education for all occupants, taxation regulations, and more.

The State’s second main concern is the implementation of revolutionary technologies, which can be done by proposing examples for specific applications in various areas – from Government data to AI & blockchain, certificates, and self-sovereign identity. Not only that, but Energy & environment protection initiatives, administration, infrastructure advancements, health optimization strategies, mobility perks, and SME financing options must all be taken into consideration.

Now is the time to take action! Groups will commence their work today with one clear mission: assembling findings and recommendations for the government’s Web3/Blockchain/Smart Nation digital assets plan. By joining forces, there is an opportunity to help create a brighter future ahead of us.

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