Big Eyes Coin Raises $27.5 Million in Presale and Prepares for Launch

Guess what Big Eyes the amazing community driven cryptocurrency has just completed its presale and raised a whopping $27,462,080.25 . The response from investors has been absolutely mind blowing showing just how popular and promising the Big Eyes Coin project is . Get ready because Big Eyes is all set to launch on the 15th of June marking a major milestone in its quest to shake up the crypto world.

Shaping the Crypto World with Big Eyes

Let me tell you about Big Eyes . It’s not just any ordinary cryptocurrency project . Big Eyes is on a mission to create a blockchain ecosystem that empowers its community and makes a positive impact on the environment . How cool is that ? By using NFTs (non fungible tokens) Big Eyes offers unique content and events that give token holders the chance to be part of the blockchain revolution . And that’s not all . Big Eyes is also committed to philanthropy with a portion of the coins going towards supporting environmental focused non governmental organizations (NGOs).

Cute and Captivating : The Big Eyes Branding

You know what makes Big Eyes stand out in the crowded crypto market ? It’s their adorable and captivating branding . They’ve got this super cute cat mascot that steals everyone’s heart . Unlike other altcoins out there Big Eyes has created a unique identity for itself with this lovable feline protagonist . It’s no wonder investors are drawn to it .

Enjoy the Benefits of Big Eyes Coin

Hold on there’s more . Big Eyes Coin ($BIG) is an ERC 20 token that brings tons of benefits to its holders . With $BIG you can do so much . You can acquire exclusive NFT content , dive into exciting gaming experiences and explore a whole world of possibilities within the Big Eyes ecosystem . And speaking of gaming get ready for some thrilling news . Big Eyes is integrating a casino platform that uses the BIG token . Now you can enjoy your favorite games while boosting the potential adoption of the token in the gaming industry . Plus there are plans for over 20 play to earn (P2E) games giving you even more opportunities to earn and engage within the Big Eyes community . How awesome is that ?

Presale Buzz and What’s Coming Next

Let’s talk about the presale phase . It was an absolute rollercoaster of excitement . The crypto community went wild for Big Eyes Coin . Investors were drawn to the unique offerings of the project especially the promise of a significant price increase upon launch . And how could they resist ? The cute cat mascot and the inclusion of a casino platform sparked a fire of enthusiasm among potential investors . Brace yourself because Big Eyes Coin is projected to experience a staggering 600% increase in value when it launches . Get ready for some serious growth .

“We are beyond thrilled that our presale was a success and we’re excited to be listed on the OKX Platform and Poloniex” said the spokesperson for Big Eyes . “The support from the community has been absolutely incredible and we’re confident that Big Eyes will continue to capture the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike”.


Sustainable Tokenomics and a Unique Tax Structure

Here’s something interesting about Big Eyes Coin . The team behind it has designed the tokenomics in a way that ensures the project’s sustainability and growth . They’ve set the total token supply at 200,000,000,000 with a thoughtful allocation strategy . The presale covered 70% of the tokens 20% are reserved for exchanges 5% go to the marketing wallet and 5% are held for charitable initiatives . That’s a solid plan .

Now let’s talk taxes . Don’t worry we’re not going to bore you with complicated stuff . When it comes to buying or selling tokens there are no taxes applied . It’s smooth sailing . But here’s the interesting part : when you engage in NFT transactions there’s a 10% tax . But hold on it’s not all going to disappear into thin air . 4% of that tax goes to the original seller 5% is distributed among token holders (yep that means you) and 1% is allocated to charity . It’s a win win for everyone promoting community involvement and making a positive impact . Isn’t that fantastic ?

Partnering with OKX : A Game Changer

Now let’s get ready for the big news . Big Eyes is about to make a grand entrance onto the OKX Platform on the 15th of June . Can you believe it ? This partnership is a game changer . It opens up exciting opportunities for liquidity and trading and it solidifies Big Eyes’ position in the cryptocurrency market . Hold on tight because things are about to get even more exciting .

Join the Big Eyes Community .

So what are you waiting for ? Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity . Visit the official website of Big Eyes to learn more about the project and get involved in the upcoming listing . It’s time to join the Big Eyes community where crypto , gaming and environmental preservation come together in a fantastic ecosystem.

About Big Eyes

Big Eyes is not your average cryptocurrency project . It’s a community driven initiative with a mission to bring wealth into the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem . With its captivating branding and philanthropic initiatives Big Eyes is creating a self propagating blockchain ecosystem . Through the use of NFTs Big Eyes offers access to exclusive content and events within the crypto space . And with the integration of a casino platform and the development of multiple play to earn (P2E) games Big Eyes provides you with unique opportunities to engage and earn . It’s a whole new world of possibilities .

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