Aid from the Global Business World Continues to Turkey: Aid Exceeded $65 Million

The global business world is relentlessly working to support the 11 affected provinces in Turkey following the catastrophic 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes, where many lives were lost, people were injured, and extensive destruction was caused. International organizations are donating monetary aid and physical items to assist in meeting urgent requirements within the area.

The Number of Aid From Worldwide Is Increasing Rapidly

As the days pass, an ever-growing number of international companies are joining forces to help those affected by earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Notable names such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Meta have joined Bayer, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and Binance in assisting; while Allianz has been joined by Chobani and FedEx alongside UPS and Volkswagen. Furthermore, Boeing, Lufthansa, Siemens, Porsche, Mercedes – Benz, Hyundai, Maersk, IKEA, Inditex, Schwarz Group, Novartis, Nordisk, Deutsche Telekom, and T-Mobile are all adding their support to this humanitarian cause.

Total Aid Exceeded $65 Million

According to the Corporate Aid Tracking data prepared by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, by compiling publicly available and company-submitted data, the total amount of global business aid monitored as of February 15th exceeded $65 million.

The amount of aid continues to increase rapidly as global businesses mobilize their expertise, capabilities, and resources to support the region’s recovery efforts after the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The companies that have been added to the international companies that have decided to help the regions affected by the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş are as follows:

Total Aid Exceeded  Million


To assist with relief efforts in Turkey and its surrounding area, baby food producer Abbott has consented to donate $1.5 million worth of grants and products, partnering up with international charities such as CARE International Direct Relief and the International Medical Association.


Adidas, a leading sportswear brand, is collaborating with the German Red Cross and other non-profit organizations to build an invaluable platform that will allow its employees to contribute in their own way. Adidas will match all employee donations to show support and gratitude for these efforts!

GE HealthCare

GE HealthCare, a pioneering healthcare business, has generously donated close to $1 million worth of Vscan handheld ultrasounds and mobile X-ray systems to ensure basic imaging is accessible where it’s most necessary.


Henkel, a prominent German consumer products company, has announced their generous commitment to donate 1 million euros alongside the Fritz Henkel Stiftung Foundation. These funds will be allocated in cash and product donations for those desperately requiring emergency aid, allowing them the chance of relief from international charities worldwide.

McDonald’s Aid

McDonald’s has dedicated $1 million to assist Save the Children International, World Central Kitchen, and local charities. Moreover, McDonald’s Turkey is doing its part for those affected by disasters. In only seven days after declaring a mission on February 9th in coordination with AFAD (the Turkish Disaster Relief), an astounding 50 thousand meals were delivered to their necessary points!

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