A Significant Portion of Farmlands Have Been Affected by The Earthquake, Production May Dwindle

The humanitarian and economic balance of the Kahramanmaraş earthquake’s damage in ten regions began to emerge. The earthquake-affected area has a substantial amount of agricultural land. This area produces around 20% of Turkey’s herbal output. The total number of registered enterprises and farms has risen to 270 thousand.

Agriculture is vital in the ten earthquake-affected provinces. According to Dünya Newspaper, the area available for cultivation in Turkey is 238.5 million decares. The earthquake-affected provinces account for 16.2 percent of this area or 35.8 million decares.

Agricultural Lands Affected by Earthquake May Lose Productivity

Şanlıurfa has the most agricultural land among these provinces, at 11 million decares. Diyarbakır comes in second with 5.8 million decares, Adana comes in third with 5 million decares, Kahramanmaraş comes in third with 3.6 million decares, Gaziantep comes in third with 3.5 million decares, and Hatay comes in fourth with 2.4 million decares.

A Significant Portion of Farmlands Have Been Affected by The Earthquake, Production May Dwindle

With 25.6 million decares of land, the total area under cultivation for grains and other plant products in 10 provinces accounts for 15.5 percent of Turkey’s total. These provinces account for 15.2 percent of all vegetable gardens in the country, with 1.1 million decares. With 9.3 million decares, eight provinces account for one-quarter of the cultivation areas of fruit, beverage, and spice crops. Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, and Adana dominate by a significant margin in the production of grains like wheat and barley; Adana and Hatay lead in the vegetable garden sector, while Gaziantep leads in the fruit area.

Earthquake Humanitarian Aid Campaign

Turkey’s Agriculture Exports will be Affected Tremendously

Ten earthquake-affected provinces export almost one-fifth of Turkey‘s total agriculture and forestry goods. Gaziantep alone accounted for 11.8 percent of Turkey’s total agriculture and forestry exports of $34.2 billion. Adana contributed 2.5 percent of total yearly agricultural exports, Hatay 2.4 percent, and Malatya 1 percent. While the ten earthquake-affected provinces contributed 9.3 percent of the total gross domestic product, the agriculture sector contributed 14.3 percent.

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